Sustainable Innovation Standard

from the cotton field to consumer

With our Sustainable Innovation Standard we guarantee the complete sustainable and holistic production chain from the cottonfield to your luxury finished garment & textile.

Luxury & Sustainability are the twin pillars of Premium Pima Cotton, embracing know-how, innovation, ethics; and creating value for our customers throughout the supply chain.


extra long staple cotton


100% extra long staple
is cultivated via sustainable practices
saving more than 50% of water
non genetically modified

Gentle on your skin, it will help you look
your best and show you care about the environment for today and for the future.

Premium Pima Cotton
by Varvaressos S. A.

Premium Pima Cotton

in partnership with the Israel Cotton Board

Premium Pima Cotton offers you a unique system for sustainable luxury
in partnership with the Israel Cotton Board.  

We’ve set concrete, quantifiable targets, collaborating, innovating, sharing and driving change with our supply chain partners.

Total supply chain management

Premium Pima Cotton is your go-to premium Extra Long Staple cotton for luxury fashion & home.
Non-GMO, farmed with precision and the latest in smart tools technology in Israel, spun with best practices of innovation in Greece.

Completely innovative, traceable and transparent cotton production and supply chain
from the cotton field to the finished garment & textile.


For cotton growers in Israel, sustainability is not a fad, but a way of life. Harnessing advanced technologies for efficient water use, over 60% of urban wastewater is recycled and used to water Premium Pima Cotton and other crops.

Premium Pima Cotton uses drip irrigation science developed by cutting edge Israeli companies saving more than 50% of water in the field.

Plant water requirements are accurately determined by monitoring from the air, from the land and by using remote sensing and satellite imagery.

Premium Pima Cotton advanced science means responsible cotton innovation with reduced carbon footprint from the cotton field to end consumer.


Our partner the Israel Cotton Board is a cooperative which provides growers all their required inputs and processes, such as seeds and ginning facilities, as well as consultancy services.
Farming and harvesting take place within the collective community of the kibbutz.
This guarantees our Premium Pima Cotton is socially equitable.

Almost 100% of the water used on the cotton field is recycled and 80% is reusable.
Recycled water supply and drip irrigation system reduce water use by 30%.

More than 50% reduction of the amount of land needed to produce a kg of Premium Pima Cotton during the last 35 years.

Adopting no tillage practices on the fields reduces CO2 release.
Short transportation routes along the whole textile chain keep the CO2 footprint at a low level.

20% of the energy used during ginning and spinning comes from renewable sources.

A unique cotton luxury

For responsible cotton luxury, head to Premium Pima Cotton.
Premium Pima Cotton yarns give you luxury garments & textiles
with a unique flowing appearance, lovely soft hand,
improved durability and increased lifespan.

Yarns can be knitted or woven into fine luxurious fabrics,
with brilliant colours for high end apparel and lush home textiles.

In a nutshell with Premium Pima Cotton you buy
a complete responsible luxury innovation with the following characteristics

Extra-long staple

Premium quality

White colour


Great uniformity


Premium Fashion & Homeware

Fine shirting



Luxury fashion



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